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While it was YSE’s Andrei Berezinskiy’s who shot home the OHL Cup MVP, I was actually just as impressed by Tang as an OHL draft prospect. They also have a Scottish Cup fourth round tie at home to Celtic to look forward to next weekend. Even though Weiss’ Flyers were eliminated in the Semi-finals (from the eventual Champion YSE), I was impressed with the speedy forward in the 2 games I watched. He even ‘s like with a 4th forward out there. Rebound control and his overall agility might be on the side, but with adequate size and a strong performance this season, Tang appears to be a solid OHL prospect for me. If he doesn’t get drafted again this year, I hope he comes back into Erie strong as an overager next year and really takes his game to the next level to make a contract. Super duper senior Malcolm Gwilliam should be back for a sixth year of eligibility, following a prosperous medical redshirt of his fifth year after a bizzare mini-stroke incident (his accurate sophomore season was likewise spent recovering from an accident ).</p><p></p><p></p><p><img src="" style="max-width:410px;float:left;padding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;">Body contact is no issue in any respect, as he is able to use his strength and power to properly challenge players. Adding strength to his frame will provide him with more balance in high traffic areas. Although he owns a solid hockey stride, functioning on accelerating from high traffic areas will include elements to his escapability. As a portable player with a simple 4-way hockey stride, Everett does a wonderful job attacking the rush during clever positioning, an energetic stick and big physical traits. Robertson has been the very evident player for me on the Champion York Simcoe Express. I don’t have any doubt that Weiss profiles as a high influence top line player in the OHL degree. However, OHL scouts should not sleep on the youthful defenders capacity to impact the sport in all 3 zones come draft day. The OHL period is beyond the half way mark (for many teams) which provides us a excellent indication of how certain players have grown in their draft period.</p><p>The Borussia Dortmund star has appreciated an astronomical increase over the last 12 months, with his performances for former club RB Salzburg and the Bundesliga outfit earning the 20-year-old this season ‘s famous Golden Boy award. He has been fascinating to watch over the last two seasons and it seems like the gifted centre is just starting to scratch the top of his potential. They just didn’t have exactly the same technology then that we have today, and the relative lack of pillow can get annoying over the span of a very long game. He’s developed an increased awareness of aid choices over the duration of the season. Good situational awareness by his high hockey intelligence helps him accomplish the wise choice in all zones. Jenkins is an offensive risk every time he steps onto the ice during his outstanding hockey vision, his ability to slow the game down along with his dominant possession game. </p>Before I get to the list, ???????? [<A HREF=></A>] it’s worth mentioning that third and second year eligible players are not contained (the likes of Brett McKenzie, Dante Salituro, etc). Displays a high fear threshold because he alleviates pressure from opposing players. He loves to take ownership to his hands and displays excellent poise by directing the assault on breakouts and across the offensive blue-line. Deep down, Jenkins has been born to score goals and create chances on the attack. At 6’6 and with excellent quicknessthat he’s explodes through the neutral zone, across the blue line, to produce scoring chances. He has the uncanny ability to restrain the pace of the game in the offensive zone, allowing him to process support alternatives and discover open fire lanes. Weiss is an absolutely tenacious player that excels in assaulting the zone, always creating with hustle and speed. Robertson is extremely competitive in directing the hurry, with terrific speed and puck protection capability to enter the offensive zone with relative ease. A concentrate on staying patient in the defensive zone may allow him to recuperate after initiating contact.