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Manufacturing Unit Toyota Sienna Reverse Digital Camera Wiring Diagram

The Toyota Sienna minivan is a comparatively large vehicle that has meant to be a reference guide on find out how to do all the set up. For our set up, we determined that the again up reversing camera autobarn would be we installed the glass mount rear view mirror rather than the manufacturing unit mirror. Why add a again up camera?

SmartNav 5 projects a 5-inch screen into the center of its rear-view mirror. The projection is translucent, letting drivers focus on the mirror image instead of the screen in the event that they so select. The system features automatic day and night time modes, altering the brightness so as to not interfere with the easy mirror projection.

For many people that drive, this has occurred to them a minimum of once. Now, automobile repairs could be very, very costly, and in case you really bump into another automobile then it may be a real pain sorting out all the finer details of the insurance – nicely, hopefully you might have insurance coverage in the primary place!

A neat touch is that the video RCA cable additionally has a separate signal wire attached to it, I hooked this up to the constructive wire that fed the camera. The other end of this signal wire connects to a cable on the again of the pinnacle unit, when it sees 12V it mechanically switches the display over to the rear view camera input.

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