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Eye Toy: Monkey Mania

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Note: The RRP of AU$99.95 for Eye Toy Monkey Mania includes an Eye Toy camera.

The review disc of Monkey Mania happily came to to coincide with Term One school holidays. The good thing about Eye Toy games is that they are family oriented, and force you to put down the controller, get up off the couch, and burn some calories by jumping around and waving your arms a lot.

Like previous Eye Toy games, between one and four players can play at a time, it’s just that you are now a monkey (face it, cute monkeys have been a hit since the Donkey Kong days) and will be playing against other monkeys.

First each player must set up (name) their monkey, which is a bit time consuming, as the letter controls are clumsy to manipulate.

Once all players are finally ready to go, you may choose to play the board game, or go straight into one of 30 mini-games.  These are similar to Eye Toy games you may have seen before with names such as Hockey Havoc, Rolling Snowball, basics suction cup dildo 10 inch riding suction cup dildo dildo fun Down the Chute, Ice Crusher, Simian Stylist, Ten Pin King, Home Run and Barbells for Life.

We arbitrarily picked one called The Great Escape. There is a short blurb to read through first that explains each mini-game – this one involved herding monkeys through a gate down to the river to jump on a raft. No problem, except that after playing it three times, none of the players were able to get a monkey going in the right direction, let alone on a raft to freedom.

So on to the next mini-game – Buoyant Balloon. This time you were supposed to create an air current to get the monkey to float through a cave without touching wall spikes or lava.

Again three players, three rounds – zero points.

On to Deep Sea Driver, which was essentially Buoyant Balloon played under water – still no points or joy.  Perhaps we just weren’t flapping our arms wildly enough yet, but the youngest among us was getting more than a little upset at our total failure. Surely this was not what the Japanese programmers of those cheeky monkeys had in mind?

Finally, we cracked it with Karate Master. On his second go, my 11-year old son chopped through all 30 tiles for a perfect score.

A victory photo, his name on the leader board and the use of a Japanese beetle helmet accessory were his reward. Phew!

Thankfully, more victory photos and accessory rewards were to follow (all you have to do is beat the preset high score) but if you’re playing with young children – presumably those Monkey Mania is aimed at – you’d better hope to find the easier games first up before they get too discouraged.

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