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asics singapore online If there??s one common failing amongst punters it??s the belief that because they bet, whether as a leisure activity or on semi-professional basis, they have some limitless knowledge on all matters relating to the subject.A guy who backs on horseracing thinks he can spot a good soccer bet or a backer who studies the tennis form all day presumes he can make money on the NFL as well.But you wouldn??t expect your plumber to be able to fix your bathtub and your TV set at the same time ?? would you?Betting is all about having an edge – an advantage over your fellow players, the bookies, the house, whoever you are trying to win money from.  You might have a specialised ability in one area of betting (an ability which helps you make money) but you??re most unlikely to have such a clear advantage in all the others as well.And it??s much better to make money in just one area – horseracing, golf, poker – than to make it initially in that one area and then go lose half of it by placing bets on severalother sports you know little, or nothing, about.       Even within one sport there are further sub-levels of expertise.  Take the example of horseracing.  There are those who concentrate solely on turf racing or races on the dirt, sprints or middle-distances, steeplechases or hurdles, handicaps or maidens, UK, American or Irish racing ?? the list goes on.If you choose to narrow your field of betting, improve your level of understanding and know more than your respective opponent on that one particular subject, that??s how to make money.  It will certainly improve your returns. This is what you need to do.  And if you haven??t got that sort of information readily to hand then seek out those sources which provide such tailored advice.  Learn from that and then see what can be achieved.If you try to be good at everything, you??ll very soon end up being pretty good at nothing!

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