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It’s unimaginable how many men have complained to me that ladies aren’t returning their calls. They get all excited about meeting this girl they like at a occasion or a bar. They lastly get her number and ????? ????? ??? ???? go home over the moon. Actually, some of them are already fantasizing about her being their girlfriend. In spite of everything that anticipation and excitement, just a few days go (in some circumstances the very next day), ????? ????? ??????? they struggle calling her and get nothing! The lady doesn’t decide up her phone once they call. They try a number of more times and still no reply. They then proceed to leave a voicemail or ship a text message. They keep on repeating this routine for every week (generally even two weeks) and get nowhere. Eventually they surrender in confusion and despair. Well guys, there is no such thing as a motive to be confused. I am going to let you know why she did not return your calls.

I think this occurs for a motive. Again I feel it is stupid to try to confront the animal. You get these emotions for a purpose so listen to them. Listen to the American Indian when they say enjoy the pleasure of seeing one and your stealth functionality, ????? ????? ????? nonetheless whenever you see one let it be. Ok with that mentioned here is my plan on learn how to get the animal documented and confirmed. I really feel we should always choose a hot spot in america and find a big vast energy line. We then should place night time vision cameras on each pole to blanket the power line for a number of miles. I feel the EMF for the excessive power lines will mask the digital signature of the cameras. Plus if a squatch was watching they might determine it is the utility firm doing routine upkeep that they have seen occur before. We hook up the cameras to the internet and we get a pile of volunteers to do a stake out.

Why is my opinion or belief not acceptable while theirs is? Don’t I have a proper to an opinion or perception? Thanks for stopping by and for contributing! People with this mentality piss me off. This text must be renamed “bigfoot has not been confirmed to exist”. You never know what may very well be on the market, don’t say it would not. Everyone has an opinion but none can either show or ????? ????? disprove they exist. Its no different than god/s millions n millions of people believe in he/they exist however but there is no factual proof to help that god/s do exist, however that does not stop individuals from believing they do. Imo folks have to stop beating a lifeless horse and ????? ????? ?????? just get on with life and let bigfoot be. Really the more we try to find them the more folks try to pretend they exist. In all honesty do we really want to find them so people can go out and hunt them or exploit them?

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